Who the Folk?! Drew Levin

Welcome to “Who the Folk?!” Every week on Monday we feature a new member of the community as our “Person of the Week.” Last week week we got to know Dan Moshe. This week meet Drew Levin! Know someone we should feature? Nominate them by sending an email to [email protected]

TC Jewfolk: Are you from the Twin Cities? 

Drew: Yes, I grew up in Edina. I have also lived in Florida, when attending the University of Florida and Los Angeles, where I moved out of college to start up a business.

TCJ: You’re in charge of the wildly successful Turkey To Go. How’d you get in the turkey business?

Drew: Simply put, I fell in love with the sandwich and wanted to expand it outside of the MN State Fair so selfishly I could eat the sandwich year round!

TCJ: You also have a show on HGTV called Renovate To Rent. What’s it like being a TV star?

Drew: It’s really not as glamorous as you would think. There is a ton of time and effort behind the scenes that goes into making a TV show. We film approx. 8 hours to get 5 minutes of usable footage. That being said, we have a blast doing it!

TCJ: And you’re involved with the MN Alzheimer’s Association Young Champions… Is there anything you don’t do?

Drew: My role with the Alzheimer’s Association is by far my most important. Alzheimer’s is by far the most expensive disease in the world and we aren’t doing enough to fight it. We have the opportunity to put an end to this disease before our generation is significantly at risk of getting it. We need to be doing everything in our power today to end it now, before it ends us.

TCJ: We’re taking an informal survey. Which of the many Jewish summer camps gets you most ferklempt?

Drew: Herzl. I was too young to remember much of Teko.

TCJ: What’s your favorite way to celebrate Shabbat?

Drew: With friends and family in the comfort of home.

drew-levin-2TCJ: What’s your favorite Jewish holiday?

Drew: Rosh Hashanah. It’s always been a time of reflection for me and an opportunity to stop and think about the previous year and what I want to accomplish in the year ahead.

TCJ: What’s your favorite Jewish food?

Drew: Jewish penicillin… there is simply nothing better.

TCJ: Have you been to Israel? What is your favorite memory?

Drew: Yes, I was there for Alexander Muss High School in Israel. I will never forget walking into the Old City for the first time.

TCJ: What’s your favorite summer activity?

Drew: Traveling…but that’s my favorite activity all year round.

TCJ: What’s your favorite thing to do in the cities?

Drew: The State Fair…there is no better time of year!

TCJ: Give us one more reason you’re folking awesome!

Drew: I just want to leave the world a better place than when I got here. There is much work to do, but that’s what drives me.

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