Come Support Israel Tonight At Adath

Editor’s tl;dr note: Israel rally tonight at 7:30 at Adath. Governor Mark Dayton will be there. Pre-register and arrive early for faster security screening, and to find parking and seats. Tag your Instagram pictures with #tcjewfolk so we can feature them on the site and show that Minnesota supports Israel!

taking-back-zionism-israel-flagHave you been glued to the news for the past few weeks?

Have you, like me, been starting every morning with a frantic check of J-Post, CNN, BBC, Ynet, FOX, TOI – how many more rockets? How many more young men killed?

Have you been calling friends in Israel? Checking how they are? Are they safe? Are the kids alright?

Does it make you feel sick inside to see the rocket tally climb higher and higher? Dozens… then hundreds… now thousands.

Do you look on in horror as 80% of the Israeli people – millions of our people – are living under constant rocket fire? Afraid to go to store or take their children to the park. Given a mere 15-second warning of an incoming rocket. Forcing their children to sleep in stairwells when rocket fire hits in the middle of the night, and the bomb shelter is just too far to run to.

Does it sicken you down to your deepest core to know that there are Holocaust survivors, now in their 80’s and 90’s, who have survived our people’s greatest horror, have lived to see a life of freedom in their own land, only to now face a life where they are unable to leave their homes, unable to run as far as the bomb shelters, and must simply stay indoors, waiting and hoping for the best, as rockets pummel their back yards?

Have you been sitting here, nice and safe in sunny Minnesota, and wondering what you can do to help?

Well, have I got an opportunity for you!

TONIGHT there will be a Community Solidarity Gathering in support of Israel.

A chance to stand up and show our support for our people in a time of desperate need. A chance to show that Minnesota, that the United States, that our community is with them, is thinking of them, is sending our support.

The formal solidarity rally will be hosted TONIGHT at 7:30 PM at Adath Jeshurun.

We are expecting a large turnout, so to speed up security, please go and pre-register here: As of 11:00 AM this morning over 1300 people have registered. Make sure to get there early to find parking and seats. Carpooling is encouraged.

The rally will be attended by Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, as well as a lot of local media.

It is extremely important at this time that we come out in large numbers and show our support in front of the governor and in front of all the media in attendance.

To that end, there will also be an outdoor rally preceding the event, to publicly show our support, and greet the governor and the media as they arrive.

Please join us for the rally in front of Adath at 6:00 pm or as early as you can make it!

Come dressed in blue and white, with Israeli and American flags, and show Israel, our politicians, and our media your support at this very challenging time.

I hope to see you there!