Who the Folk?! Kimmy Lear

Welcome to “Who the Folk?!” Every week on Monday we feature a new member of the community as our “Person of the Week.” Last week week we got to know Drew Levin. This week meet Kimmy Lear! Know someone we should feature? Nominate them by sending an email to [email protected]

TC Jewfolk: Are you from the Twin Cities? 

Kimmy: I’m from Minneapolis. I’ve lived in Kansas, Tel Aviv, Washington DC, Boston and Chicago.

TCJ: You work for Bridgeworks, a company devoted to helping different generations work together effectively. Why is that so important?

Kimmy: Understanding the unique perspectives of all of the generations helps us better work together and create meaningful messaging for different demographics. And get along better with our parents. Of course.

TCJ: What’s the most/What are some of the most common generational misconceptions?

Kimmy: There are stereotypes and misconceptions about every generation. Gen Xers are slackers, Millennials are entitled, etc. Our goal at BridgeWorks is actually to help people get past those stereotypes. We measure and follow workforce patterns, consumer trends, and shifting societal norms. All to track how culture changes and how the generations evolve.

TCJ: We’re taking an informal survey. Which of the many Jewish summer camps gets you most ferklempt?

Kimmy: Herzl Camp. Best place on earth. Hands down.

TCJ: What’s your favorite way to celebrate Shabbat?

Kimmy: With my wonderful family.

TCJ: What’s your favorite Jewish holiday?

Kimmy: Passover. My Dad wears a robe and glues cotton balls to his face to pretend he’s Moses. Hilariousness ensues.

TCJ: What’s your favorite Jewish food?

Kimmy: Tie between my Nana’s brisket recipe and my friend Mike’s brisket recipe. Neither of those recipes will be unveiled in this article because they are secret.

TCJ: Who is the coolest Jew?

Kimmy: Bekah Lear. My little sister. Very cool girl.

TCJ: Have you been to Israel? What is your favorite memory?

Kimmy: I went in high school and studied abroad in Tel Aviv during college. I think one of my favorite moments is watching Tel Aviv slow down right before Shabbat on Friday. It’s such a wild and hectic city and it was beautiful seeing everything get a little quiet right before the sunset. 

TCJ: What’s your favorite summer activity?

Kimmy: Running around the lakes and drinking iced coffee.

TCJ: Give us one more reason you’re folking awesome!

Kimmy: So bad at this question. Can I pretend I’m double jointed or something?

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