Find Love This Tu B’Av At A Young Jewish Singles Event

tu-b'avOn Sunday, August 10 from 5:30 – 7 PM all single Jews ages 18-36 are invited to an exclusive event at the home of Sam and Sylvia Kaplan. This free event is on Tu b’Avthe Jewish holiday of love —also known as Israeli Valentine’s Day. Space is limited, so these are the top five reasons to RSVP today!

Reason #5: $50 Subsidy

If you click with someone else, I’ll give you a $50 “first date subsidy” to get you started. Spend it on dinner, spend it on Twins tickets, you can spend it all on booze if you want. Just as long as you do it together. *Each person is only eligible for one subsidy. If you click with multiple people, congrats! But I’m not paying for all your dates, player.

sam-sylvia-kaplanReason #4: Sam and Sylvia Kaplan

Sam and Sylvia Kaplan are pillars of the Minneapolis Jewish community and a political power couple. Following a highly successful business and legal career Sam served as Ambassador to Morocco from 2009-2013. They will share stories from their time in Morocco and give us a tour of their beautiful home–complete with priceless artifacts and works of art. Even if you don’t meet your match, these two will entertain and fascinate you with their stories and remarkable home.

Reason #3: Because Kabbalah Said So

According to “Tu b’Av, the holiday of Love, is a cosmic window in time where the potential of two souls to reunite is greater than any other day of the year. Tu B’Av is the one day in the kabbalistic calendar where there is a complete unification between the spiritual and physical worlds, offering balanced cosmic support perfect for awakening love, discovering soul mates, strengthening relationships and making new beginnings of all kinds.” That’s right: the mystical potency of Tu b’Av compels us to come out and reunite with our soul mate. Or get drunk and super flirty. Your call.

sue-zelicksonReason #2: Sue Zelickson

That’s right. The extraordinary Sue Zelickson, a pillar of the community in her own right and friend of the Kaplans, is co-hosting this young adult Jewish singles event. Sue is a foodie, columnist, radio host and entrepreneur, and delighted in visiting the Kaplans during their time in Morocco. Sue is honored and excited to help all you wonderful Jewish young adults pair up!

Reason #1: Space is limited!

Registration for this free, exclusive event is filling up fast. RSVP today.