That’s Not Us … We Don’t Hate the Jews

This is the fourth in a series of articles from Israel by Rabbi Yosi Gordon.  He is a teacher at the Talmud Torah of St. Paul, currently studying at the Shalom Hartman Institute and elsewhere in Jerusalem.  This article was originally posted to Facebook. 

That’s not us, is what they’re saying.

We’re not the ones rioting in the streets, beating up mothers who wear Jewish stars. It’s not us throwing rocks and fire bombs at Jews in barricaded synagogues. That’s the Muslims. They’re not really FrenchSwedishDanishBritishHungarianItalian. They’re not European. They’re not German. Certainly not German. We Germans don’t hate Jews. We hate Turks. They hate Jews.

We got all that out of our system decades ago. We are so over that.

We like Jews. We make a lot of money from Jewish tourists who visit monuments we’ve built for other Jews we killed, back in the days when we didn’t have any Turks.

Also, it’s really about Israel. All this is because of Israel. That’s who we hate. And by we, we mean the Arabs. So it’s really they, not we.

If we want Israel to know what we think, we don’t attack synagogues and old Jewish men with beards. We don’t have to. We can boycott and demonstrate. And most of the time we don’t even have to demonstrate. That’s what our Muslims are for. They can protest and beat up our gendarmes, and we can say, It’s the Arabs, and we hate the Arabs, and we smell good.

It’s called division of labor and it’s called coexistence and it’s called freedom of expression and it’s not called anti-Semitism, because both sides are Semites. See!

And we true Europeans aren’t smelly Jews or smelly Muslims. We’re fragrant cosmopolitan ex-Christians. We don’t have to beat anyone up or throw fire bombs or trap Jews in synagogues or ride by on motorcycles and gun down their children with machine guns. What do we do?

We do nothing.



Do nothing

(Photo: Elephotoniric)