ASK JOY: Dating and Davening


joy veh featuredEvery month or so international woman of love, Joy Veh, will be writing an advice column on all things related to love. If you want to learn more about Joy and what makes her a love expert, read our interview with her, or check out her 2012 tips for a rocking Hanukkah. This month, Joy answers reader questions about internet dating and fasting on Yom Kippur.


Dear Joy,

I just broke up with my boyfriend of nine years and I am ready to start going on dates. I’ve never been on an Internet date, how should I begin?

– Single in Saint Anthony Park

Joy: Well, I love a good Internet Date — you don’t even have to put pants on! All you need to do is hop on the computer and search “internet date camera” and you’ll find a whole caboodle of friends. Last week I spoke to a nice man in Croatia. It only cost me $4 a minute, such a bargain! What happened later, well, I can’t write about it here. If that doesn’t work, I suggest looking on websites like, or Singles with Food Allergies. Remember if you decide to venture out of your house, always tell a friend and meet in a public place like a Foot Locker or a rest stop.

Dear Joy,

As a recent convert to Judaism, this will be my first time fasting for Yom Kippur. Do you have any tips for a successful fast?

– Hungry in Highland

Joy: This is an excellent question. Yom Kippur is a holiday all about deprivation. It’s not one of those celebratory holidays like Flag Day. My Yom Kuppur secret is to hide a secret stash of food in my blouse. I sneak into the bathroom during the mincha service and munch on my Snickers bar. This way, the secret is only betwen you and G-d. Also, you have plenty of time that afternoon to repent for eating that Snickers bar, before the Book of Life is closed that evening. One year I even brought in a hot pot and made some ramen during Kol Nidrei. Remember Hungry, it’s between you and G-d.

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