This #GivingTuesday: Tell your friends #IGaveToTCJ

Turkey Day is over. Black/Plaid Friday and Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday have come and gone. Did you know today is #GivingTuesday?

Yes, it’s just another fabricated holiday created to build on the Thanksgiving energy. But this is a really good one. This isn’t about shopping or eating (not that those are bad things, by the way), it’s about giving back.

And TC Jewfolk needs your help. 

TC Jewfolk is about to embark on a dramatic transformation. We are on the tipping point of making an incredible impact on the Twin Cities young Jewish community, and proving our model so we can expand to other communities around the country.

We’re shifting from a founder-led and young nonprofit organization to a sustainable and strong nonprofit led by a full-time Executive Director and Editor and a passionate and dedicated Board of Directors.

We’re going to dramatically increase TC Jewfolk’s ability to develop, create, and manage fresh, engaging, and inspiring content on, and to develop and implement a vision for using social media technology and community-based Jewish journalism to engage young adults in the Twin Cities in Jewish life, culture, and community.

With your help, and the help of our phenomenal 50 Founder’s Circle Members (listed below), we’ve already raised over $100,000 in just four months. But we still have $60,000 to go.

And we have just 29 days to raise the $60,000 to take TC Jewfolk to the next level. 

So back to that #GivingTuesday thing.

TC Jewfolk is nothing without you. Our readers. Our inspiration. Our community of commenters and of questioners. Our donors. Truly, our reason for existing.

We would be honored if you would take a few minutes today and log on to our Jewcer fundraising page, and make a meaningful donation to support TC Jewfolk.*

Then, shout from the rooftops (real and on Facebook): “This #GivingTuesday #IGaveToTCJ Because …” and tell us (and your friends) why you donated. It would mean the world to us.

I Gave to TCJ


Share this article. Encourage your friends, your Bubbe and your Bubbe’s friends to check out, and to join you in making a meaningful donation.*

We are so lucky to have you in our corner, Jewfolk. Here’s to our transformative moment – and your support to get us there! Thank you!

*Of course you and/or your Bubbe can make a donation by check as well as online – just send a check payable to “TC Jewfolk” to: PO Box 2294, Minneapolis, MN 55402.


Special thanks to the 50 (so far) members of the TC Jewfolk Founder’s Circle: individuals, foundations and businesses donating $1500+ in 2014, or $1500+ spread over three years! 

Steve and Wendy Baldinger, Mike and Etta Barry, the George Kaplan Memorial Foundation, Dr. Malka L. Goodman in memory of Dr. Ernest Goodman, Lisa Heilicher, Kathrine E. Hill, Mike and Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin, Bruce and Anne Hope, Beth Leonard, Jon and Robin Parritz Family Philanthropic Fund, Kelen Family Foundation, The Harry Kay Charitable Foundation, Mount Zion Temple (Saint Paul), Temple of Aaron (Saint Paul), Paul and Paula Maccabee, Kris and John MacDonald, Don and Rhoda Mains, Minneapolis Jewish Federation, Bill Pentelovitch and Vivian Fischer, Bill and Gail Ribnick, Jim and Linda Stein, the Mike and Linda Fiterman Family Foundation, The Resnick/Milavetz Family, Ruth Usem, Mike and Nancy Schoenberger, Tom Sanders, the Machov Family Philanthropic Fund, Kevin and Nancy Rhein, Martin & Esther Capp Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation, Adath Jeshurun Congregation (Minnetonka), Gary and Deborah Kohler, Irene Bartram, Michael and Susan Horovitz, the Kramer Saxl Family, Michael Kaplan and Heidi Kraus Kaplan, Phil and Renae Goldman, Charles Nauen and P.J. Pofahl, Jeff and Janice Schachtman, David Wark and Mary Ann Barrows Wark, Steve and Sheri Lear, Silberfarb Law, Michael Elzufon, Mike and Sally Abrams, Michael and Erin Waldman, Bernie and Leslie Goldblatt, Stan and Amy Baratz and family, Harold and Cynthia Goldfine, and Brian and Sandy Kamin.