Who the Folk?! Dan Myers

Welcome to “Who the Folk?!” Every week on Monday we feature a new member of the community as our “Person of the Week.” Last week week we got to know Shana Gee-Cohen. This week meet Dan Myers! Know someone we should feature? Nominate them by sending an email to [email protected]

TC Jewfolk: Are you from the Twin Cities?

Dan: No, I was born in Overland Park, Kansas where I grew up. Then my family moved to St. Louis when I was 14. I moved to the Twin Cities shortly after I graduated from Optometry School to start working. at Kennedy Eye Associates.

TCJ: You’re an optometrist. That’s quite different from a lot of people we’ve profiled, so we’re curious. Why optometry?

Dan: It all started one summer when I was in little league baseball. All of a sudden, I couldn’t hit the ball to save my life. My parents took me to get my eyes checked and sure enough I needed glasses. Ever since then I’ve been fascinated with eyes and enjoy helping people see better.

TCJ: How’s your vision?

Dan: On a clear night I can see the rings of Saturn… Just kidding, my vision is pretty poor unless I wear glasses or contacts.

TCJ: What’s you favorite way to celebrate Shabbat?

Dan: On Friday nights, my fiancé and I like to try something new, be it a bar, restaurant, or activity. I had no idea how big of a foodie city Minneapolis was until we started exploring.

TCJ: What’s your favorite Jewish food?

Dan: Gefilte Fish with a bunch of horseradish. I know it’s not the most desirable food for many but it gets me every time…

dan myers 2TCJ: Who is the coolest Jew?

Dan: Larry David because he’s a comic genius. I’ll never get tired of watching him put himself in awkward situations.

TCJ: What’s your top strategy for surviving winter?

Dan: My best strategy tip for surviving a Minnesota winter is to drive everywhere. Even if you think you can walk, drive!!

TCJ: What’s your favorite thing to do in the Cities?

Dan: Some of my favorite activities in the Twin Cities are going to local breweries and jogging around the lakes.

TCJ: What else do you do for fun?

Dan: I like to travel, go on runs, exercise, try new restaurants, eat the spiciest foods possible and cheer on my Kansas Jayhawks

TCJ: Give us one more reason why you’re folking awesome! 

Dan: After I graduated from school, I moved up here without knowing a soul and had to figure out the city for myself.

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