Recipe Contest Recap: We Can’t Wait For A Repeat!

We had so much fun with our First Annual Recipe Contest, and we hope you did too, seeing the photos, getting the recipes, and generally following along. In case you missed our Facebook post (and judging by all the likes and congratulations, not many of you did), we announced the winners yesterday afternoon. We had a ton of fun at Kosherfest yesterday. So many people showed up that it proved to be too hectic to make a live announcement at the event, so we stuck to what we do best: online. Winners and thanks are below. First place receives a $250 prize, second place receives $100, and third place receives $50.

We’ll also be donating $100 to Appetite for Change. With so much food being used and consumed (and to a small degree wasted), we feel it’s important to embrace the spirit of tikkun olam and support efforts to feed those in need. Appetite for Change is a local non-profit, run by a member of our Jewish community, committed to fighting that exact effort.

Without further ado, here are the winners!

1st Place – Jenifer Robins’ Shakshuka


2nd Place – Hannah Riederer’s Fesenjann


3rd Place – Alla Staroseletskaua’s Crispy Hamantaschen


Big thanks to our other contestants, Adam Schwartz and Jane Strauss, who also made tasty dishes and helped make our first recipe contest so successful.


L to R: Alla, Jane, Hannah (and sous chef), Adam, Jenifer (and sous chef)

Another big thanks to our judges: Cantor Mitch, Babu (Founder Leora Itman’s bubbe), and Robyn Frank! They gave up a Sunday afternoon to hang out with us, took their responsibility seriously and provided some great moments–if only we had been recording video!

L to R: Cantor Mitch, Babu, Robyn Frank

L to R: Cantor Mitch, Babu, Robyn Frank

Thank you again to all our contestants and judges, and to you, our readers, for your support and enthusiasm. We can’t wait to do this again and discover what other amazing recipes this community has to offer!

And check out our photo booth pictures from Kosherfest at Temple of Aaron yesterday. The event got over 500 people and was so much fun!