My Love Letter to Jewish Federation… Or Why I’ll be Calling You on Super Sunday 2/22

(TCJ learning to walk)

(TCJ learning to walk)

One of TC Jewfolk’s first donors and biggest supporters since we became a nonprofit organization 3+ years ago was the Minneapolis Jewish Federation.

When people were regularly asking me,”Huh? A blog? What’s that?,” or saying “Connecting with young Jewish adults is a waste of time – they don’t join anything” (and yes, someone actually said that), Minneapolis Jewish Federation then-CEO Steve Silberfarb and his team “got” us. They promised us $5000 a year for three years to use TC Jewfolk to connect, engage, and inspire young Jewish adults in the Twin Cities, and across the state.

We couldn’t have gotten off the ground without them.

We wouldn’t be where we are now, a dynamic and successful Jewish social entrepreneurial startup with two full-time staff people, an incredible Board of Directors, and over 300 donors, including 50 members of our generous Founder’s Circle, if Minneapolis Jewish Federation hadn’t been there for us in our early years. And they still are, and will be (and we are very thankful).

But my love for Minneapolis and Saint Paul’s Jewish Federations goes way back, long before we founded TC Jewfolk.

To when I was a kid acting in St. Paul JCC plays. Or a high school student learning with Rabbi Yosi Gordon at the Talmud Torah of Saint Paul. When I visited my Babu at Sholom Home East and saw the great rehab care she received there. Or when I found a space and a home to be Jewish and pro-Israel at Hillel. Many Jewish organizations and synagogues in town are supported by our local Jewish Federations, and the Minneapolis Federation annually raises more than 10 million dollars to fund local agencies and services, as well as much needed services to Jews in more than 70 distressed Jewish communities in Israel and throughout the world.

Next Sunday, February 22nd is Super Sunday for Minneapolis Jewish Federation. 

You may not have heard of this event, but it’s an opportunity for those of us who feel like Federation has somehow impacted our life to come together at the Sabes JCC Minneapolis, and make phone calls to people who have donated and people who have never donated, to ask them for their support.

To tell them a story about that Jewish day school teacher that inspired you to become a doctor. Or about the Jewish inclusion programming that made the difference for your sister or child. To ask them to make a meaningful donation to support Minneapolis Jewish Federation and through them, all of the agencies it supports.

CallingOh, and the Super Sunday event chairs are Sarah and Brad Hanly, so you know it is going to be fabulous.

Because Super Sunday is happening all day on February 22nd at the Sabes JCC, the event is also an opportunity to hang out with friends, meet new people, take free fitness classes (if you’re making calls), participate in Tzedakah projects for kids, and more. All the details are on the Minneapolis Jewish Federation’s Super Sunday webpage. Calls will be made from 8:00am-6:00pm, and the activities run all day as well, so bring the kids and bring your friends, and make a few calls to help strengthen our Jewish community. They REALLY need our help making calls this year so if you can swing it, please join me!

If you aren’t able to make calls on Super Sunday, but you get a call from someone (like me), answer the phone, and please, be nice to me (and generous). Every dollar counts. Thanks in advance!

Click Here to Join Me and Sign Up to Call on Super Sunday

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