ASK JOY: Shabbat & A Show

joy-veh-hanukkah-1Joy Veh is back with another advice column. “Readers” asked her about spicing up Shabbat dinner, as well as where to take their date this Saturday…

Dear Joy,

My Shabbat meals are boring. Every Friday night I cook the same brisket, potatoes and salad. Do you have any idea of how I can spice up my Shabbat dinner? Next week, I am cooking for the rabbi and her husband. What should I make?

– Stressed in Shoreview 

Dear Stressed,

Don’t be worried, you can make something exciting for Shabbat! I recommend picking a theme and sticking it to it for the entire meal. Last month, I hosted “A Very Colonial Shabbat.” I asked all of my guests to dress up as their favorite historical character. We feasted on farm-fresh vegetables and porcupine. All of the women had to make dinner and clean. It was a heartwarming experience and we directly connected to the experience of Shabbat itself. I would suggest that you pick an easy-to-digest theme for the rabbi and her husband. I’d suggest the following: Shabbat in Space, Harry Potter and the Sabbath, I’m Celebrating Shabbat In My Daisy Dukes, or Shabbat In Iran. Once you have a theme, your menu will fall into place! Shavua Tov!

Dear Joy,

I am young 20-something and I go on a lot of dates. However, I have run out of places to bring my dates. My favorite date spots are the Olive Garden, Roller Garden, Home Depot, and Culver’s. Do you have any suggestions for a great date night?

– Confused in (Little) Canada

Dear Lil’ Canada,

Well, if you are looking for something fun to do this Saturday, you should bring your date to “Joy Vey’s Favorite Things” at the Bryant Lake Bowl at 10 PM. The show begins after Shabbat, so no one has an excuse to miss this star-studded extravaganza. During the show, I will be giving away my favorite things and making the world a brighter place. I’d highly suggest that you call 612-825-8949 for seats or visit the website to purchase tickets. I assure you that this will be the best date of your life. Best of all, the show is only $11! You can’t even get a sub and a coke for that price! The show is one-night-only, so I recommend purchasing tickets for all of your friends, family members, close and not-so-close neighbors. There is even a slight chance that I may perform a Bris during the show. Who knows! Even if you are out-of-town, I’d suggest purchasing a ticket. I hope to see you on Saturday.


Joy Vey