SPARK! Tomorrow Is Now

HYBRID HOLISM IVH 2012_frontstage 002Tomorrow is now.

The world that we were told to be excited about is now a reality.

Think about life just 5 years ago, when you first started to become intimate with your new companion, the cell phone. When you were amazed that sending a picture to a loved one could be done in only a matter of seconds. When going on a road trip became easier because you could rely (and sometimes yell at) on a new invention called a GPS.

It’s now time to turn the page again.

This year, the Sabes JCC’s SPARK! Annual Celebration of Innovation event highlights the innovative world of 3D printing. Just as amazing as those inventions of the last decade that we now can’t live without, 3D Printing is the next BIG THING. This technology will impact just about every part of our lives — from the life-saving to the fun.

Because of 3D printing, you will wake up in the next few years and think of a design for a new shirt that you want to wear that day, scan that idea into a machine, and upon arriving to work you will be regarded as the next DKNY.

At the event on March 10th,  this exact scene will play out in front of us.

There will be a fashion show made entirely of 3D printed outfits from award-winning 3D fashion designer, Julia Koerner, whose designs are usually seen on the runways of Paris and New York. Next month she will be showcasing for people who have to submit to extreme temperature change and not high-end fashion here in Minneapolis. All the talent for the show is locally based. From the models, Molli Mayeron, Adena Borodkin, and Katie Amundson to the unique jewelry by Sara Goldfine, hairstyles by Sara Grimaldi and make-up designed by Julie Sherman, all talented locals.

My3DNAMy3DNA, an LA start-up of movie engineers will be on hand scanning guests to create miniature selfies. My3DNA will scan you, and once your selfie is completed, you’ll receive your “Mini Me” in the mail and be able to carry a tiny you in your shirt pocket. Can’t be scanned that night? You can come to the JCC for 4 days after the event (March 11, 12, 13, 15) and be scanned (or have your kids scanned) there.

Other presenters will discuss all of the medical advancements being made because of 3D printing, like how a broken leg can be fixed with 3D printed bone, or how your business will have a machine that simply
creates needed parts for a supply chain in-house. The Founder of Stratasys, the world’s biggest 3D printing company which is headquartered in MN and in Israel, will also have an amazing story to tell at this event.

This exciting event furthers the current direction that the Sabes JCC is embodying.  This type of innovative, collaborative and boundary pushing programming is part of the Sabes JCC’s new mission. With Gesher: Metro Jewish Business Connection, JFCS NextGen, The Minneapolis Jewish Federation’s 20I30s, and TCJewfolk as event co-sponsors, this event is sure to bring together younger members of the community for a happy hour-like pre-party from 5:00-7:00 in the Lobby of the Cowles Center. Food and drinks will be for sale. Discounted downtown parking is available. Unique 3D printing exhibits that will engage you, other interested local business people will be networking and all this before the program even begins at 7:00.

Sabes JCC is built around creating moments of meaningful engagement, and as a local business person and a Sabes JCC member, it is refreshing to be engaged in the future.