Jew Wanna Go? | May 6 – May 12, 2015

Mama Said…

LTYM-logoRiverview Theater will be presenting its third annual production of Listen to Your Mother on Thursday, May 7, at 7pm. With Mother’s Day being just around the corner, the show will consist of a series of live readings from 12 local writers in honor of moms everywhere. Two TCJ writers are involved: Galit Breen is co-directing, and Emily Cornell is reading. The tagline for the show is “Giving motherhood a microphone.” Now, I don’t know about you—and maybe this is just a Jewish mother thing—but last time I checked, the lack of a microphone never prevented my mother from telling the whole entire world what she thought.

Mucho Cousteau!

facebook_event_1565199443743593Wanna know what it’s like to sleep with the fishes? Come meet the family! No, not that family! I’m talking about the Cousteau family! As a part of the Inspiring Minds Speaker series, presented at Beth El Synagogue on May 7 at 7pm, Jean-Michel Cousteau (son of world-renowned oceanographer Jacques-Yves) and his children, Céline and Fabien, will be passing on and teaching their family’s legacy of underwater adventure, as well as shedding some new light upon the wondrous world of the ocean. Or, if brevity is more your deal, you can be like me and read a certain plucky crustacean’s ode to life underwater. You know who you are.

ellen-wiss-familyChinese Food for Thought (LAST CHANCE!!!)

For those wanting a little more emotional heft to their upcoming events, Thurs., May 7, marks the last day of the Jewish Refugees in Shanghai (1933-1941), presented by Sabes Jewish Community Center. For those not in the know, the exhibit explores a little-known bit of history in which 18,000 Jews escaped Nazi persecution by escaping to Shanghai.

I’m All Thumbs

il_570xN.756797170_4r1xTime to get your cookie on with Etsy’s Taste of Thumbs—A pre-party to Mother’s Day. M.O.T. and MN native Robyn Frank started the tasty cookie company after years of watching her mom bake the bite-sized treats for family and friends. The cookies themselves get their name from their distinctive style—little circles of dough stamped with a thumbprint. The cookie-tasting will be held on Saturday May 9, at 2pm, at an undisclosed private residence in which directions and address will be provided after you purchase your ticket. Whoa. Um. Achem. After reading that last part on the event’s website, all I keep envisioning is a sumptuous mansion filled with S&M, orgies and scary gothic masks a la Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut.” Let me guess: the password is…Fidelio.

Lag Fire

Wanna get hot and sweaty this Saturday? Hey, hey, hey! Come on now, kids! Settle down! Let’s keep our minds out of the gutter. Let’s start over again: Like starting shit on fire? Well, then! Have I got an event for you! Minnesota Hillel will be holding a bonfire to celebrate Lag Ba’Omer on Sat., May 9, at 8pm. Dinner, havdalah, and s’mores will be provided. RSVP by May 6!

And Now…for a NightCap

55006bba8fb961.58151840Care for a little night music? The Minnesota Orchestra presents NightCap: American Voices for Brass, featuring the sounds of such distinguished Jewish legends as Gershwin, Bernstein and more. The May 9 event, which doesn’t start until 10:30pm, will be held in the Target Atrium, Orchestra Hall. Tickets are $10 and include a free drink. Sounds like a pretty swell time, but in all honesty, the only nightcap going on in this writer’s household will be the one he’s wearing at 10:30pm. Because I’ll be out like a light! Yes, this is my life now. * facepalm *


Back Pocket (Or…Events to Come, but we’ll schmooze about them more later!)