Jew Wanna Go? | June 17 – June 23, 2015

Happy Hour!

Happy Hour!

Happy hours, dinner parties and celebrations. You can’t miss with this week’s event highlights!

Soul Food

Food For Your Soul

Thurs., June 18, 6:30 p.m.; Northeast Bar Room and Park Tavern; St. Louis Park, MN

As Boyz II Men once sang in A Song for Mama, “Lovin’ you is like food to my soul”. Except, what if Boyz II Men were cannibals and ate mama’s soul! That’s food for thought…unrelated to Food for Your Soul, a fundraising event in its fifth year, where multiple dinner parties are hosted over the course of a single night in homes and venues throughout the Twin Cities. Proceeds from the event supports Sholom, an organization that provides care services to seniors in the TC area for more than 100 years.


Fifty is the New 40

Camp Teko @ 50

Wed., June 19, 5:15 p.m.; Camp Teko; 645 Tonkawa Road, Long Lake, MN

This one time…? At band camp…? Oops! Wrong camp! Anyhoo, come celebrate as Camp Teko which has “provided a safe, educational and fun Jewish camping experience for children” celebrates 50 years. The event invites all to “reminisce, reconnect, and recharge.” The family picnic starts at 5:45 followed by a Shabbat service and concludes with fireside drinks and dessert. But will there be flutes?!



Summer Social Happy Hour at Breaking Bread Cafe

Tues., June 22, 5:30 p.m.; Breaking Bread Café and Catering; 1210 West Broadway Ave, Minneapolis, MN

In which a cancer-riddled chemistry teacher and his bread-addled student become the greatest bakers in all of the TC area, with catastrophic consequences. Ok, ok, ok! That’s completely NOT what this event is about, but don’t tell me for one second that the idea wasn’t at least a little intriguing ! In reality, however, this fun event encourages all to come and take part in happy hour at Appetite For Change’s new nonprofit restaurant venture, Breaking Bread Cafe and Catering. AFC and Breaking Bread use food as a tool for creating health, wealth and social change.

Back Pocket…Events to Come!
(Or…Events to Come, but we’ll schmooze about them more later!)