Jew Wanna Go? | July 1 – July 14, 2015 (Special Double Edition!)

Summer fun is here! Hang with the family, grab some drinks and join a tennis tourney. We have you covered for the holiday weekend!

Woodstock ’15 (Part 2)

Family Summer Concert Series

Wed., July 1; 6:30 p.m.; Ojibway Park; 2695 Ojibway Pkwy, Woodbury, MN

Temple of Aaron hosts the second of its four-concert series, featuring Laurie Herstig and Friends. Families and children are encouraged to attend. Rita’s Italian Ice will be served. I’m not familiar with this Herstig gal, but I sure hope her friends are nice; not just a bunch of mooches and hooligans.


The Gnome Kings

TAXY Happy (Gnome) Hour

Thurs., July 9; 5:30 p.m.; The Happy Gnome; 498 Selby Avenue, St. Paul, MN

Temple of Aaron’s 20’s/30’s group, TAXY, is meeting up at The Happy Gnome for drinking and some big-time schmoozing. I’d go, but I’m afraid of gnomes. They’re an awful breed of fairy tale creature that causes a lot of ruckus and unpleasant shenanigans. And they wear those pointy hats! What’s up with that?! I can not—and will not—be seen with gnomes. Oh, by the way, the first drink is free. Those gnomes certainly know how to tempt a dude! Oh, alright! You twisted my arm! I’ll go! But I’m not going to like it!


Wimbledon v.2.0

Jewish Tennis Tournament

Fri. July 10-12; Oak Ridge Country Club; 700 Oak Ridge Rd, Hopkins, MN

The TC Jewish Tennis Association is hosting their annual tennis tournament. The registration deadline was June 26 for early bird entry at $35 per player (one event) or $50 per player (two events), and secondary registration will end July 3 with fees of $40 and $60, respectively. This year’s tournament will highlight doubles competition with events planned at different skill levels for men, women, and men & women playing together. As I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, I have absolutely no idea what any of this means, as it relates to sports. Though, I have been known to play a mean game of Ping Pong.


Back Pocket…Events to Come! (Or…Events to Come, but we’ll schmooze about them more later!)