Festive Summer Shabbat Table

Observing Shabbat means something a little different to everyone. For us, Shabbat is an opportunity to reconnect with both ourselves and our loved ones. We love to create a special atmosphere that is different from our previous evenings, particularly at the dinner table.

To make the Shabbat table a place of connection, consider these seasonally inspired Shabbat tablescapes to try on your own table. With amazing weather and a multitude of colors available, summer is the perfect time to celebrate with the lushness of the season.

Whether you’re a DIY master or appreciate a simpler approach, you can design your Shabbat table easily with some of these great ideas for the remaining summer months.



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1. Start with your base: Summer is a time to bring out rich colors, and using a statement tablecloth is our favorite way to do this (currently we are loving the indigo trend). When picking a tablecloth, take into account the dishes and centerpieces you plan on using to ensure that the color scheme works together. If your decor leans more colorful, you can choose an all-white table so that the centerpieces and items atop the table stand out and break the monotony.


Photo Credit: Left, Top Right, Bottom Right

2. Create your centerpiece: With so many flowers to choose from during the summer months, we tend to gravitate toward floral centerpieces. While there are many ways to create floral centerpieces, we like to keep things simple and love the look of playing with different shades of the same color for a cohesive yet dynamic effect. Another look you can try is using the same flower in different vases (or even mason jars from the craft store) for some interesting variance.


Photo Credit: oncewed

3. Top your table: Working with your tablecloth and floral arrangement, select place mats, napkins, dishes, glassware and flatware that are complimentary. If you go with a statement tablecloth, we recommend neutral or white dishes; if you have an all-white table, you can play up the color in your dishes and arrangements.


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4. Add the little details: We love easy ways to enhance a table with little details that will wow guests. One way to do this is to add natural elements tucked into a pretty ribbon fastening the flatware together (think small flowers or herbs). Another option is to scatter small votive candles about the table to set a peaceful mood when coupled with your Shabbat candles.


Photo Credit: RachelCarl

5. Pull together place cards: If you have nice handwriting, personal place cards probably come easy to you and craft stores are a great place to find cards that fit with your table decor. If handwriting is not your strong suit, you can get a little playful by using alphabet magnets to mark each guest’s spot with the first letter of their first name.

Do you have a beautiful Shabbat table you want to share? Please post in the comments on Facebook! We would love to see them and get more great ideas to making the Shabbat table sing in summer.

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