Not Your Grandmother’s Ketubah: Nine Beautiful, Contemporary Designs

Ketubahs have really evolved over the years. For most modern Jewish couples, the meaning behind the Ketubah has become more spiritual than practical since brides no longer need a legal document detailing their rights (we hope). Today, when it comes to the world of Ketubah design, many couples are embracing hiddur mitzvah, the personalization and beautification of a ritual object to increase its value to the owner. After all, for many of us the Ketubah is not only an element of our wedding ceremony, but a unique statement about our relationship and the founding of a life together that we intend to hang in a place of pride in our home.

This trend has given birth to a generation of Ketubah designers with a renewed focus on compelling aesthetics. The result is an array of stunning and distinct Ketubahs, from classic to super contemporary. Below are nine of our favorites.


Streets of Desire Ketubah by Micah Parker: This Mondrian inspired Ketubah is guaranteed to be a good choice for the couple that favors clean lines and a modern aesthetic.


The Lines Papercut Ketubah by Ruth Mergi: We love how this Israeli artist draws on the Jewish tradition of papercutting to create a Ketubah that is simultaneously sleek and intricate.


Twin Cities Ketubah by Ink with Intent: Embrace and celebrate the city of your marriage by choosing one of these cityscape Ketubahs by Madison, Wisconsin-based artist, Adriana Saipe.


1+1 = 1 Ketubah by Cool Ketubah: Chicago’s Jason Pickleman designs Ketubahs that are anything but boring. His 1+1 = 1 Ketubah is perfect for the modern, graphic-loving couple.


The Ahava Ketubah by Team Ketubah: Pop plus love: what could be better? This colorful Ketubah is sure to brighten up your ceremony and home.


Double Arrow’s Ketubah by Jennifer Raichman: Combine this classic biblical love saying with a contemporary type-based design.


Woodcut Ketubah Branches with Love Birds by OnecUponaPaper: Add a natural, 3-D twist to the traditional Ketubah tree design.


The Surrounded by Color Ketubah by this is not a KETUBAH yes it is: This Ketubah evokes a vibrant and colorful kaleidoscope for a truly striking geometrical design that can anchor a room with its bold colors.


IKB Ketubah by Ketubah-Arts: This well designed Ketubah honors minimalist artist Yves Klein in its striking blue color. It is an excellent choice for the couple that wants a truly inclusive ceremony as it’s made to allow all of your wedding guests to sign as witnesses.

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