Animal Tzedakah Boxes

The word tzedakah is derived from the Hebrew root Tzadei-Dalet-Qof, meaning righteousness, justice or fairness. And in Judaism, giving to those in need is not viewed as something to be celebrated but simply something that you do. Tzedakah? Of course!

According to Jewish law, individuals are expected to donate 10 percent of their earnings to Tzedakah. In honor of full disclosure, our only experience with regular Tzedakah contributions was bringing some change every week back in the religious school years and tallying up how much our class had raised at the end of the year. Unfortunately, this obligation has fallen by the wayside for us.

But there’s nothing like beautiful objects to inspire Jewish custom and bring it into our present lives. Like much of the Judaica out there, Tzedakah boxes haven’t had their fair share of design focus. So we had to look beyond your typical Judaica sources to find the perfect reminder to drop some change in when you find some in the bottom of your bag and get the kids excited to learn about Tzedakah, too.

We love the versatility of these animal banks that are timelessly modern and beautiful enough to display anywhere in your home. They add whimsy to your home and will also encourage the kids to get excited about Tzedakah and carry on the tradition.


Jonathan Adler Elephant Tzedakah Box: Jonathan Adler’s ceramic Tzedakah box is a simple, classic design that adds just the right kind of youthful touch. We love how this piece can add style to a boring bookshelf or top a stack of books on your coffee table.


Land of Nod Feed the Animal Hippo Bank: While Land of Nod is a children’s store, the ultra-modern sleek design of this piece feels more chic than playful. The bright blue is the perfect touch to brighten up a dull corner or bring attention to the piece as a focal point.


Kikkerland Owl Coin Bank: This sturdy ceramic stoneware Owl pays homage to the Jonathan Adler design we love, and owls are really trendy right now, too. So cute.


Right on the Bunny Bank: This ceramic frame has a silkscreen bunny design that is stylish enough to live anywhere in your home, while also playful enough for a nursery and beyond.


Land of Nod Feed the Animal Whale Bank: Another favorite from Land of Nod’s collection, this minimalist design can’t be beat, but we also love that it gives parents the opportunity to tell your kids the story of “Jonah and the Whale.”


First Impressions Giraffe Bank: This silver plated giraffe’s rounded edges and mirror effect strikes a beautiful balance of stylish children’s decor and would make a great baby shower gift to begin the tradition of Tzedakah early on.


Jonathan Adler Lion Tzedakah Box: You can’t help but smile when faced with this adorable porcelain Tzedakah box from Jonathan Adler. We can’t get enough of the bright colors and unexpected patterns for a subtle 60’s throwback.

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