Jew Wanna Go? | Aug. 21 – August 27, 2015

Check out our weekly event highlights in the Twin Cities!

Parental Guidance is Suggested (FREE!)

Agamim Classical Academy Parent Info Session

Sunday, August 23 @3:30 p.m. Agamim Classical Academy. 1503 Boyce Street, Hopkins, MN

Still trying to figure out where your kiddies should go to school at? Well, here’s just another one to make your decision that much more difficult! Agamim Academy is a new public, tuition-free charter school that offers “rigorous with all core subjects in English and daily Hebrew language/Israeli culture.”  Want more information? Come and get it at this parent info session.


Holy Listening, Batman! ($45)

Elul Holy Listening Group

Wednesday, August 26 @7 p.m. Talmud Torah of St. Paul. 768 Hamline University S., St. Paul, MN

In this three-session Holy Listening group, members will apply “silence, thoughtful speech and deep listening” as well as Jewish Group Spiritual Direction to reflect on their spiritual lives for this past year and as a means for looking ahead into the next year. Could be interesting…as long as no one starts to break into a rendition of Kumbaya.


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