Six Reasons to Support Our Sixth Birthday Fund

You can get a lot of bang for your buck by supporting TC Jewfolk. Why, you ask? Well here are six pretty great reasons why your donation to our Sixth Birthday Fund will go a long way.

  1. We help you “do Jewish”. You’ve come to depend on our interesting and relevant mix of content to help you “do” Jewish your way. Maybe you came for the rugelach recipe or a job posting – but you stayed to check out our community calendar and found something that sparked your interest. In any case, we’re glad you’re here and we are working hard to provide you with interesting, diverse, thought-provoking content that may just spark a little more Jewish in your life.
  1. We’re on a roll. Help us keep up the momentum. Year over year, our page views have more than doubled. We have the unique ability to reach more readers via social media than any other local organization. In short, we are THE place for the Twin Cities Jewish community to come together. We want to continue to reach more people. Help support us so we can keep the momentum going and stay integral to the community. We’re just a staff of two, and we are poised for more growth.
  1. We’re creating community, online and in-person. Besides our events calendar, we connect Jews in more ways online and in person. For example, there are over 600 local, Jewish mothers connecting with one another in a private Facebook group we administer, the Minnesota Mammelehs, who ask questions, encourage one another, plan events, and share the joys and the challenges of Jewish motherhood. We are also partnering with local organizations targeting the same audiences, like JFCS’s NextGen group, Gesher, the Jewish young professionals networking group, Hillel, and many others to plan collaborative programming so that our audience moves from the more passive online engagement into more active “real life” engagement in our Jewish community.
  1. We’re helping wandering Jews find a place at the table. We did it at Pesach and we’re doing it again for the High Holy Days. We are connecting Jews – of any age, affiliation, level of observance – with hosts for a warm and welcoming holiday meal. For Pesach, we paired a dozen hosts and host families with those needing a seat at the table. One participant wrote us to say that without our help, she would never have attended a Seder and that it was so wonderful to feel welcome and included in the community and at her hosts’ home. We also publish an annual guide to High Holiday services, most of which are free.
  1. We’ve created a place for young Jews to share their voice. We’re reaching young and oftentimes unaffiliated Jews where they already spend time – online – by connecting young Jewish adults both virtually and in person. As THE virtual hub for all things Jewish and Twin Cities, we provide a place for young Jews to talk about their experience of being Jewish in today’s vastly different, changing and fast-moving world. From parenting to dating to art engagement, we make the voice of young Minnesota Jewry heard.
  1. We’re the future of Minnesota Jewry. And last but certainly not least, your support of Jewfolk Media is absolutely critical to the up and coming – and existing – generation of Minnesota Jewry and the future leaders of this community. Generations X, Y, and Z have new ways of identifying as Jews, new modes of communicating with one another, and plenty to say about it all. We stay on the cutting edge of communication to ensure that the young Jews will find us and connect. Your support of Jewfolk Media on the occasion of our sixth birthday will help launch us into our next growth phase and set the stage for so much more in 2016. Thank you for your support!