Bet Shalom Yeladim Preschool Infant Teacher Aide

Job Title:

Infant Teacher Aide

Organization Name:

Bet Shalom Yeladim Preschool

Job Type:

Part-time This position can increase to full-time.





Open until filled

Job Summary/Description:

Our preschool, Bet Shalom Yeladim, is hiring an afternoon Infant Teacher Aide. We are looking for a candidate who is energetic, enjoys playing, readying and interacting with infants and toddlers. The candidate must be 16 years of age, willing to supervise infants, assist with diapering, feeding and putting down for naps. Hours are flexible.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Communicate effectively with infants, their parents and other staff.
Provide quality, nurturing care to infants enrolled in the program.
Maintain effective, working relationships with children, parents and staff.
Maintains a safe, clean, care-giving environment, practices good personal hygiene and hand-washing, and assures the well-being and safety of the children in that environment.
Maintains a postivie, calm attitude and a pleasant, soothing voice, and models this attitude and voice for parents and others working in the program.
Maintains a cooperative attitude of working together with other teachers, the center director, parents and volunteers in planning and implementing activites for the classroom.
Provides for the physical safety of each child from arrival time until departure time.
Performs any other tasks deemed necessary by the center director.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:

Candidate must be 16 years of age. No experience needed. Training and teacher in-service hours will be provided.

Additional Information:

Flexible hours available.

How To Apply:

Please email availability and resume to [email protected] or call Amber at 952-426-6652.