Joint Religious Legislative Coalition Executive Director

Job Title:

Executive Director

Organization Name:

Joint Religious Legislative Coalition JRLC

Job Type:



65K to 85K



Open until filled

Job Summary/Description:

To provide full-time executive staff leadership to the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition (JRLC), an interfaith social justice organization advocating at the Minnesota Legislature.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Acting as official lobbyist for JRLC, the Executive Director shall:
    a. Be the official spokesperson for JRLC;
    b. Maintain and expand relationships with legislators and appropriate state officials;
    c. Coordinate positions with diverse interest groups and, where appropriate, engage in collaborative efforts subject to consultation with JRLC Board;
    d. Develop content for “Day on the Hill” as a statewide gathering and citizen-advocacy instrument of JRLC lobbying efforts;
    e. Prepare and distribute any pertinent materials (e.g. briefings, open letters, action alerts) associated with JRLC legislative efforts.
  2. Promoting and developing the organization of JRLC, the Executive Director shall:
    a. Work collaboratively with the JRLC Board to deliver JRLC’s programming;
    b. Resource the JRLC Sponsors in all matters regarding JRLC;
    c. Maintain and expand JRLC legislative network;
    d. Promote JRLC activity within congregations, religious leadership, and faith communities;
  3. Developing policy positions for JRLC, the Executive Director shall:
    a. Be responsible for the issue-selection process and, when appropriate, the recruitment of task force members in consultation with the JRLC Board;
    b. Manage the efforts of internal task forces;
    c. Provide leadership to research of social justice topics and drafting issue papers;
    d. Assist the JRLC Sponsors in their consideration of issue papers;
    e. Be responsible for development of Sponsor-approved legislative agenda in advance of legislative sessions.
  4. Developing financial resources for JRLC, the Executive Director shall:
    a. Develop a fundraising plan and work with the Board to execute successful fundraising campaigns;
    b. Identify and develop institutional and individual donors.
  5. Supervising the staff, volunteers, and budget, the Executive Director shall:
    a. Hire and dismiss staff subject to the approval of the JRLC Executive Team;
    b. Supervise and evaluate the performance of staff, interns, and volunteers;
    c. Prepare and submit to the JRLC Board for approval a budget for each fiscal year at a time appropriate for the Sponsors’ consideration;
    d. Manage income and expenses against the approved budget and report periodically to the JRLC Board regarding the budget;
  6. Promoting JRLC in the public arena, the Executive Director shall:
    a. Speak at public forums, describing the work and positions of JRLC, and invite participation in JRLC’s work;
    b. Prepare all official press releases, open letters, and statements;
    c. Publish JRLC newsletters, submit opinion pieces to major news outlets, and provide advocacy-related social media content;
  7. Relating to the Sponsors, the Executive Director shall:
    a. Assist in educating and organizing the Sponsors’ constituencies regarding JRLC;
    b. Consult with JRLC Sponsors regarding requests for information on legislative issues, procedures and any other concerns.
  8. Other duties as assigned.

Experience and Qualification Requirements:


  • a. Bachelor’s degree, plus five years related experience;
    b. Strong interfaith vision and commitment and a sensitivity to the diversity of Minnesota’s religious community;
    c. Must be in good standing in a faith community of one of the sponsors of JRLC;
    d. Ability to gain trust and enjoy respect and credibility with the leadership of all four sponsors.
    e. Experience at an executive or program director level (including financial management, supervision, and goal management responsibilities);
    f. Demonstrated experience in financial development;
    g. Experience working successfully with diverse stakeholders;
    h. Demonstrated ability to cultivate non-partisan relationships;
    i. Ability to work in a collegial style with flexibility and creativity;
    j. Experience with public policy formation, including the researching of social justice issues and the preparation of policy statements;
    k. Experience and skill in policy advocacy;
    l. Knowledge of the JRLC Sponsors’ faith traditions, congregational life, and volunteerism;
    m. Willingness to travel in-state occasional weekends and evenings. Valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle;
    n. Demonstrated competence in verbal and written communication;


  • a. Advanced degree in public policy, religion, or education;
    b. Experience in educating groups regarding their roles in developing public policy;
    c. Experience working independently and managing staff members, and volunteers;
    d. Proven ability to produce polished and persuasive materials and communications;
    e. High level of competence with word processing, emailing, social networking, spreadsheet, database management, and web content interface.
    f. Enthusiasm for meeting faith communities across the State.

Additional Information:

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How To Apply:

Ms. Pat Sample at [email protected]/ 122 W Franklin Ave Ste 100, Minneapolis, MN 55404

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