Local Guide To Dining Out During Passover

I don’t keep kosher. It’s not a fact I’ve ever tried to hide, even when working in an orthodox neighborhood in Chicago. I don’t judge those who keep kosher, and hope that those who do keep kosher don’t judge me.

But, that said, I do keep Passover. Take last year for example: Driving back from Michigan at the end of Passover on Easter Sunday with limited food options, we stopped at a Culver’s near Michigan City, Ind. I had a bacon-cheeseburger without the bun. Because it was Passover and I wasn’t going to eat bread.

Eating out can be a challenge during Passover. Now if you keep Kosher, the odds are you aren’t going to eat out that week anyway since restaurants don’t fully kosher their kitchens that week. But if you are concerned, there are some ways around it.

For starters: order a salad and don’t get croutons on it. Or opt for the grilled chicken instead of breaded. Or get your bacon-cheeseburger without the bun.

If you are looking for some Passover meals that are a little more matzah-centric, here are some local options for you:

Crossroads Deli in Minnetonka – They have a great Passover menu which will go into effect on April 22, to eliminate the guesswork with all the faves and a few extras; brisket, matzah ball soup, matzah brie, and you can get any sandwich made on one of their delicious popovers! They will even bring you matzah to the table instead of bread!

Good Day Cafe in Golden Valley – During Passover a special addition to the menu will be scrambled eggs with kosher salami, as well as a lox plate. Also, many of their every day items will work, and they’ll keep matzah stocked in the kitchen.

Common Roots in Uptown Minneapolis – If you are looking for a “foodie” Passover experience, this is the place to go! 

Yum! in St. Louis Park – Of course they are baking up lots of yummy Passover treats including macaroons, popovers, matzah toffee and chocolate almond treats! Can’t they come up with Kosher for Passover Patty Cake!?!

Brother’s Deli Downtown Minneapolis – They always have matzah ball soup on the menu and their great salads are always OK for Passover. They’ll also make any sandwich, including their delicious corned beef, on a popover!

Cecil’s Deli in Saint Paul – A lot of the old faves from the regular menu served kosher style on popovers, plus fried matzah and great Passover desserts. Always worth a trip from the West Side of the river.

One place not to go this year if you’re looking for a Passover-friendly meal out is Mort’s Deli in Golden Valley. Due to an ownership change last fall, any Passover items in the past aren’t planned for this year. Vitali’s Bistro and Prime Deli, both in St. Louis Park are closed for the eight days of Passover.

Have we missed one? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list!