What We Liked This Week, May 29-June 3

The people behind TC Jewfolk like to celebrate things. All kinds of things. Births, marriages, food, and the fun and interesting places and people we like. This posting will be a compilation of all of the things we liked this week, right before a (hopefully) nice and relaxing Shabbat.

Some of this week’s offerings from the TC Jewfolk Team is fun and light, while some a little more serious. There’s a fun recipe to try (or ask someone else to try for you), something to do in Minneapolis, a podcast to check out and some parenting “information” that may hit a little close to home.

Enjoy the weekend and Shabbat Shalom:

If you’re a parent, this satirical piece on the demands at the end of the school year will hit WAY to close to home.

Looking to get out and see great, fun art this weekend? Downtown Minneapolis has a new collection of custom-painted pianos that will be out all month.

The election has brought out some anti-Semitic supporters of one of the candidates. Here’s a frightening look at how they’re targeting journalists.

We really enjoyed this read from a new TCJ writer on how music and Nordeast tallboys made for a an excellent Shabbat.

Here’s an interesting piece on how becoming more immersed in Judaism helped one Rabbi overcome her anxiety.

Is food and beverages your thing? Check out the awesome podcast “The Weekend Starts Now” from the good folks at The Heavy Table.

Happy Pride Month! Combine Shabbat and Pride with this rainbow challah recipe.

Did you read/see/listen to anything interesting online this week? Feel free to share in the comments.