What We Liked This Week, June 4-9

The people behind TC Jewfolk like to celebrate things. All kinds of things. Births, marriages, food, and the fun and interesting places and people we like. This posting will be a compilation of all of the things we liked this week, right before a (hopefully) nice and relaxing Shabbat.

So it’s Friday already? Not sure how that happened already. For those of us with kids, school is now out and summer break kicks into high gear. If you don’t have kids, then it’s just mid-June. Hopefully you can find some ways to stay cool this week, since Mother Nature decided that summer will start in earnest this weekend.

Enjoy the weekend and Shabbat Shalom:

Late last week, Muhammad Ali passed away at 74 years old, sending many people down the rabbit hole of articles about the heavyweight boxing champion and humanitarian. Here’s a great collection of the best stuff to read and watch.

Golden Valley Mayor Shep Harris was the only Minnesota mayor to publicly sign on to a statement against anti-Semitism.

Jewish journalists (and many others) are fighting back against neo-Nazi trolls on Twitter.

It’s Shavout this weekend, but it’s not too late to make this blintz souffle or these chocolate and strawberry mousse cups.

Minnesotans do passive-aggressive well, but this bunch of not-safe-for-kids notes may put us to shame.

If you can’t afford to see Hamilton (and who can, really), this video — like most of James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” videos — is 11-minutes of pure joy.

Did you read/see/listen to anything interesting online this week? Feel free to share in the comments.