What We Liked This Week, June 11-June 17

The people behind TC Jewfolk like to celebrate things. I’m not going to lie, though: This week was a tough one in the wake of the atrocity that we mourn in Orlando. It feels like it becomes hard to celebrate as we hurt.

We read an open letter from a Rabbi to the LGBTQ community.

This isn’t the start of a joke: An Orthodox rabbi walked into a gay bar.

On a significantly lighter note: Donald Trump said to “Ask the gays. Who’s your friend?” Well, “the gays” answered (not safe for kids).

KARE 11 meteorologist and converted Jew Sven Sundgaard penned a lovely piece in the wake of Orlando and Tel Aviv shootings.

Minnesota MOT Jeremy Budda took on “American Ninja Warrior” in Indianapolis.

Have a peaceful Shabbat weekend.

Did you read/see/listen to anything interesting online this week? Feel free to share in the comments.