Narrow Times

We are living in narrow times.

Elie Wiesel has said that we retell the Exodus at Pesach not just to recall our oppression, but also to recall the manner in which we reached freedom.

So let us remember that though it must have seemed to our ancestors that their slavery in Mitzrayim would last forever, it did not.

Let us remember Shifra and Puah who defied Pharaoh’s decree and saved countless newborns from certain death.

What will you do to help the most vulnerable among us in these narrow times?

Let us remember Miriam, who never lost hope. She prophesied that we would be free. Even as our ancestors were hurrying to leave Mitzrayim, so much that they could not prepare provisions for the journey, she told them to bring their drums and timbrels, for she knew we would dance at the sea.

In this narrow time what will you do to help the most frightened and discouraged among us to have hope and to know that celebration will come?

Let us remember Moses, who noticed a small bush that was burning yet not consumed and was chosen to lead our people to freedom because he could see the smallest of miracles, who was afraid to face Pharaoh and told G-d that he did not speak well and was not suitable for this task.

What will you do to notice the small miracles that occur on our way to freedom from these narrow times?

Who will you speak to about the injustices of our world, though you are afraid and feel unworthy?

And most of all let us remember G-d, who heard our crying and split the sea to make us free.

For, we live in narrow times.

But, we have left Mitzrayim before.