Are We Awake Yet?


It’s been an eventful few months. For the world. For our country. For the Twin Cities. And for the Jewfolk community. Big news has been made. Big changes have been considered. Big ideas have been discussed. And we have been here to cover it all.

We’ve been here to bring you news of the important things happening in our community, often in real time (and, unfortunately, again this week). The things that are of concern to you, and that you want to discuss with your friends, your family, your kids, your community. And that’s just been in the last month. And we don’t just give you the news, we aim to give you inspiration too

From the start of 2017 until now, the number of folks visiting has doubled, year over year. Now, more than ever, it’s clear that we play a vital role in telling our community’s story to the world.

We are proud that we help you connect to the community and to one another to discuss these important and sometimes life-changing stories and events. To share, to learn, to debate. To take action and to take comfort.

And we could not do it without you.
Without your participation; without your voices;
and yes, without your financial support.  

We are working hard to develop additional sources of revenue, but we are still a pretty small non-profit. Sometimes it’s hard to believe the reach and impact a staff of two can have. We want to continue to live our mission to connect you to the community, the community to you, and you all to one another.

In eventful times, we need each other.
And TC Jewfolk needs you.

Please consider making a donation today.

No gift is too small. With a gift of any size, you enable TC Jewfolk to continue to deliver the content you want and need to stay awake and informed and to connect you to the community – to engage, debate, laugh with, share with and support each other.

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!תודה רבה – Thank You!