Eric Hutchinson Playing Herzl’s ‘Music in the City’

Music is synonymous with the Herzl Camp experience. Whether it’s the Shabbat caravan to services overlooking Devil’s Lake, a raucous breakfast with song and dance, or daily activities like guitar or jam band – to say nothing of the musicians who haul their orchestral instruments to Webster.

With that in mind Herzl’s large fundraisers have been music-based events, with Peter Himmelman playing the first “Music at the Mercaz,” and Robert Randolph and the Family Band playing the second one. This year, Herzl is bringing its musical fundraiser from Webster, Wis., to Minneapolis.

Herzl Camp will hold its first ever “Music in the City” benefit concert on Saturday night, Oct. 7. featuring Eric Hutchinson. The event will take place at the Fine Line in Minneapolis thanks to generous sponsorship.

The third benefit concert is unique, as the Herzl community will migrate from Webster to Minneapolis to celebrate, dance and fundraise. Proceeds this year will support several important needs of the camp and improve the experience of the campers (and families) who call it home. The evening will include cocktails, smores bar and plenty of desserts.

Hutchinson is a high-energy performer, who’s 2008 single “Rock & Roll” earned him his first gold record in the US and became a No. 1 hit. “OK, It’s Alright With Me,” “Watching You Watch Him” and “Tell the World,” Hutchinson recently released his newest album, “Easy Street,” which he produced himself. Representative of his feel-good reputation, “Easy Street” is melodic, meaningful and fun.

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“More than ever, we’re excited to bring the Herzl Camp community together this year to celebrate our campers and families, especially at the Fine Line in Minneapolis, where our office is based,” said Elly Zweigbaum, co-chair of the event with her husband, Mike. “The evening is going to be so memorable, with more people able to attend than ever before, and a smores station to make it feel like home!”

Through sponsorships and ticket sales, “Music at the Mercaz” helped raise more than $325,000 to help further Herzl Camp’s efforts to expand and enhance its scholarship opportunities, inclusion services, quality programming, and equipment. “These dollars are a game-changer for camp – 200 scholarships, our inclusion support is funded, and we added so much fun last year – archery, pottery, a giant waterfront inflatable. All that resulted just from last year’s fundraiser!” said Gary Kibort, Herzl’s Executive Director.

No babysitter for the event? No problem! There will be a celebration for children and teens taking place at the Sabes JCC during the event and will be staffed by camp staff and Ozrim. The party will feature a live band, camp sports and games, dinner and chipwiches!

“We’re excited to be able to do something special for the kids specifically this year. We’re so appreciative of this generous community, where our kids play such a major part – it made sense for us to do something special for them as well,” Zweigbaum said.

Tickets are on sale now beginning at $36 at