Minnesota Hillel’s Board of Directors Invites You to Row the Boat this Shabbat

College homecoming is always great fun: Seeing old friends, football, and being back on campus. Minnesota Hillel’s location on 16th Street and University Avenue – right in the middle of the Homecoming Parade route, makes it the perfect spot to kick it all off. This year, thanks to the Hillel Board of Directors, you have no reason not to attend.

As always, the parade promises to be a school-pride-packed event, highlighted this year with new football coach PJ Fleck and the new “Row the Boat” motto. Additionally, this homecoming, Hillel will be welcoming the entire community to join in the fun with a unique Shabbat experience, and a welcoming the new campus Rabbi, Ryan Dulkin.

“Thanks to the generosity of our Board of Directors we are opening up Hillel to the Jewish Community, alumni and parents for a fun Homecoming Shabbat,” said Minnesota Hillel Executive Director Benjie Kaplan. “October 20 will be an awesome opportunity for guests to come participate in a Hillel Shabbat service (5:45 pm) and the homecoming parade (6:30 pm). It is not often that you get to mix Jewish observance with school pride, and this is probably the only local opportunity of the year.”

Sticking with the homecoming theme, Kaplan said the Shabbat meal will be prepared by U of M alum, current U of M parent, and Uncle Franky’s restaurant owner Steven Krelitz, “We’ll have a Kosher hot dog stand, salads, and other tailgate food to go along with the theme of the night,” said Kaplan.

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What: Minnesota Hillel Homecoming Shabbat

Where: Minnesota Hillel, 1521 University Ave. SE.

When: Friday, Oct. 20, 5:45-8:45 p.m.

Leslie Orenstein, mother to two Minnesota alumni, and current Hillel board member has been to Homecoming Shabbat in the past and encourages others to check it out. “I love supporting Hillel on campus,” she said, and “There’s so much energy and a lot of students. [Plus] It brings in all different ages.”

For Minnesota Hillel Board President Susan Yost, this will be her first Homecoming Shabbat experience. Even though she was active at Hillel when in undergrad at the University of Michigan, the Michigan Hillel location didn’t lend itself to being in the middle of the action like here in Minnesota.

“It’ll be nice to be a part of homecoming, Shabbat and the parade,” she said. “Shabbat dinners have always been integral to the Hillel experience, and with the services prior to the parade, there is sure to be a real sense of community.”

Yost is also excited to introduce the community to Hillel’s new Rabbi, “There’s always something to homecoming, and this year it’s a nice chance to get to welcome the new Rabbi to the community,” she said. “Homecoming lends itself well to that.”