Bringing Happiness Through Hair Bows

When a Jewish mom started making pink princess hair bows for her daughter, she saw how happy they made her, and she wanted to share that happiness with other little girls.

In an attempt to give back to the community while continuing her hobby, Kim Walzer launched a website selling her products. With each bow sold, BraveBows donates an additional bow to Children’s Minnesota hospital.

Walzer and her husband, Matt, combined her creativity and his business background to form BraveBows, a company created with a platform of giving back to the community.

The company launched last month, and features bows of all different varieties, from clips to ponytails, she said.

‘Be.YOU.tiful’ bow

‘Flower Power’ bow

“We’re driven by Jewish values,” Matt Walzer said, adding that social responsibility is something he and Kim wanted to model to their own daughters.

The bows bring happiness to the patients, but he said they also help the families coping with the stress of having a child in treatment.

The hospital has a need for fun things like bows to give to patients, and although not medically necessary, Kim Walzer said the bows help boost the livelihood of kids who spend their lives day-to-day in hospital beds.

She tries to create a variety of patterns and designs for the bows, to cater to different interests, like an upcoming bow that will have robots on it. “It’s important to let girls know, you can be interested in things other than princesses.”

‘My Own Hero’ bow

Eventually, the Walzers hope to expand their company and be able to donate bows in other regions. The company is already donating bows to Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota through the partnership with Children’s Minnesota.

“We want every girl to feel like they’re beautiful,” Kim Walzer said.