Support TC Jewfolk On Give To The Max Day!

If you’ve interacted with fellow TC Jews via Minnesota Mammalehs, participated in our professional networking events with JLink™, or even just read an article or found out about an event on, thank you. Without your active participation, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Unfortunately, all your likes, shares, and comments aren’t concrete enough to keep this humble non-profit ark afloat. We want the whole community aboard, but for an ark that size, we obviously need resources. We are working hard to develop additional sources of revenue to keep us afloat in the future (and we’re succeeding!), but for right now, anything you can give counts.

ICYMI (though we’re not sure that’s possible these days!), today is Give to the Max Day. We hope today that you will Give to the Max and support us (and all our community’s worth organizations) in our mission to connect Twin Cities Jews to our community and to one another. Be sure to watch our Facebook page today for some Facebook Live Jewfolk hi-jinx!!

At the end of the day, it’s our interactions with other Jews, organizations, and the larger Jewish universe, that create the vibrant community in which we all want to live. Help us build it with you. Please donate today!