Thou Shall….

I. Thou shall not procrastinate in thy giving.

II. Thou shall remember this day and keep it successful.

III. Thou shall not let thy neighbor get away with not giving.

IV.  Thou shall not label fundraising emails as spam.

V.  Thou shall honor the efforts of thy community by giving and maybe taking a hot second to like some organizational FB pages.

VI.  Thou shall give to organizations that touch thou’s day to day life.

VII. Thou shall let thyself feel good as heck about thyself after giving. Pat thyself on the back for thou.

VIII. Thou shall share this day with thy offspring for thou offspring connect with organizations too!

IX. Thou shall not consider giving to multiple organizations a form of infidelity.

X.  Thou shall not steal this post without attributing it to TC Jewfolk’s witty staff.

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