Meet the Twins Behind Buddies Unleashed

What were you doing when you were in sixth grade? I for one was outside pretending my hammock was a giant boat. You know what I wasn’t doing? Starting my own company. Well, Jake and Drew Wesson aren’t your typical sixth graders. When they aren’t applying to space camp or playing soccer (twin defenders!) they are running their company, Buddies Unleashed.

Why did you guys start Buddies Unleashed?

Jake: We started buddies unleashed because we love dogs. They are one of our favorite animals and we like working with them and walking them and playing with them.

Drew: Yeah, I wanted to start Buddies Unleashed to help people. Some people have disabilities and want their dogs to exercise but can’t walk them themselves.

What do your parents think of the business?

Jake: We came up with the idea when we were with our grandparents one summer. When we came home from their house, we told our parents and they said they would talk to friends and neighbors.

Drew: Our parents said we should expand our business, and that’s when we thought we should make a website and start advertising. That’s how we started getting a lot of clients.

Do you know a lot of people who need their dogs walked? Why did it start?

Jake: We started it because we know people who are really busy.

Drew: And we kind of just wanted to walk a lot of dogs

You guys are busy! Between school and homework, how do you make time to walk the dogs?

Jake: We have usually do them after school and on the weekend. We have 10 or 11 staff members. Our staff members are our friends. They had to apply and be interviewed.

Drew: No one was rejected though! We decided to have everyone’s rank be Dog Walker because when they were in executive positions they weren’t doing anything.

Do your parents have to drive you to all the clients?

Drew: We separate our clients by districts. Our friends/employees that live in those districts walk the dogs in their districts.

Do you have a favorite dog?

Both: We love them all.

What do you guys think sets Buddies Unleashed apart from other dog walking businesses?

Jake: We offer low prices. Some people, if they can’t walk their dog by themselves, they maybe don’t have a lot of money so they need low prices and they really want their dog walked. I don’t think it’s fair to charge people 15 dollars a dog walk if they can’t walk their dog or need help.

Drew: One of our future plans is to donate our profits to animal support groups and organizations that help dogs and animals. Not all, but some.

Who did your website?

Jake: We created it ourselves.

Do you have any other businesses?

Drew: No other businesses, just dog daycare and walking.

What do you guys do for fun?

Jake: We just usually do stuff for our company, like make posters and edit our website.

So you are always working?

Drew: Yeah, but it’s fun!

Are there any dogs that are too big for you guys to walk?

Both: Not yet.

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