Hot Hamesh: Top 5 Things to Know About Our New Site

You may have noticed TC Jewfolk looks a little different now than it did at the beginning of the week. Or you may be reading this and realize that you didn’t know what it looked like before. Whichever camp you fall into, let us welcome you to the new (and very improved) TC Jewfolk.

So let’s start with what’s different: You’ll find a site that’s easier to navigate, articles that are easier to read, and content that is easier to find. Yes, there’s a new beautiful logo that was much needed, but it goes far deeper than that.

TC Jewfolk 2.0 is more than just a Jewish community blog. Here are the big new things to look for:

  1. We’ve designed the site to be a hub for the community to better find the Jewish thing you are looking for and to get you doing Jewish. We wanted the Jewfolk platform to be a one-stop-shop with a directory for you to find information about the Twin Cities Jewish (big C) Community and (little c) communities.
  2. Our Instagram feed is right there on the home page, so when you post photos or stories from something Jewish, be sure to tag #tcjewfolk and it will magically appear there. Also, when you submit a Simcha Shoutout, you’ll see it there too. Win-win-win for
  3. Online connection is good but nothing is better than your own personal yenta when it comes to connecting you to what you need. Check out TC Matchmaker for a date, a friend, a roommate, a professional opportunity, a holiday dinner – the possibilities are endless and we’re here to help!
  4. Our calendar is now THE calendar for the Twin Cities Jewish Community. If it’s Jewish and it’s in Minnesota, this is the place you can find it. This may not mean much for some people, but for many of you this matters a lot (based on the volume of the applause at our launch party.)
  5. Under the Life + Style section, you’ll see categories by life stage which should help you find what you’re looking for – and hopefully, some things you weren’t looking for. For example, under Familyfolk, you’ll find all our content related to being a Jewish parent or having Jewish parents or having Jewish kids or what it’s like to raise a Jewish family in today’s world. Any content that also relates to a local Jewish organization, program, or service that also is geared for Familyfolk will also appear there.

We will continue to cover the news in the Jewish community and we will continue to provide a platform for the 10,000 ways to be Jewish in Minnesota. (If you have something to say, by all means, say something!) But we are expecting this new site will expand our reach and the ability to continue to live our mission to connect you to the community, the community to you, and you all to one another.

Also, as with anything that’s new, there will be some growing pains. If you come across a link that doesn’t work or something that needs tweaking, please let us know! And please know that we’re continuing to add content and functionality all the time – if it’s not there yet, it likely will be soon!

We loved our “old site.” It helped get us through the early stages of our development where we went from a simple blog managed by our founder, to one part-time employee, to a full engagement organization with a staff of three and a quarter. But this new iteration of TC Jewfolk is here to help all of us grow the very definition of the Twin Cities Jewish community and we’re thrilled you’re along for the experience. Happy surfing!