Kosher Tailgate Party On Super Bowl Sunday

When you’re hosting the Super Bowl, part of the fun of the event is enjoying the festivities of Super Bowl Week. However there was the challenge for those who kept Kosher — there were no options. But on Super Bowl Sunday, that will change.

“For the past few months we have been getting inquiries from all over about Kosher activities and resources at the Super Bowl,” said Rabbi Yitzi Steiner Director at Chabad University of Minnesota, who came up with the idea along with Rabbi Sholom Brook, director of Young Jewish Professionals in Minneapolis. “We decided, what better way to help those coming than to host a Kosher Tailgate Party right in the heart of downtown.”

Due to security concerns, the location of the Kosher Tailgate will be announced via the social media (Twitter, FB, Instagram)  at the handle “@koshertailgate” on Sunday. All are welcome to join in, grab a sandwich, and enjoy this beautiful Sunday. The event is sponsored by Chabad of Minneapolis, Chabad U of M, Chabad of Uptown – Young Jewish Professionals of Minneapolis, Chabad of Southern MN – Rochester, and the Lubavitch House

Eric Lidenfield, a 30-year-old attorney originally from New York, isn’t much of a football fan, but sees Brook as a mentor and frequently attends events at the Uptown Chabad center. He plans to attend the tailgate event on Sunday because, he says, “I feel gratified in a spiritual sense by being around the kinds of people that Chabad attracts.”

Rabbi David Greene, the director of Chabad-Lubavitch of Southern MN – Rochester, was obviously hoping his hometown Vikings would’ve been in the game.

“As a native Minnesotan, coming from generations of long devoted Vikings fans it is a bittersweet experience,” said Greene. “However joining in the effort to provide for Jewish needs for visitors is the greatest triumph as a Minnesotan.”

There will also be services provided by Chabad on Saturday in downtown Minneapolis at the Hilton Marquette. For more info follow @koshertailgate or email [email protected].

The Chabad Kosher Tailgate at Superbowl LII is co-hosted by, and is a project of Upper Midwest Merkos – representing the worldwide Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

For more information regarding all the Chabad activities throughout Super Bowl weekend please visit