TC Matchmaker: David & Stephanie

It’s no real secret that Minnesota has a small Jewish community, and this is a challenge for the TC Matchmaker. The odds of finding a match that doesn’t know each other can be a little challenging. Stephanie Luger and David Wolkowicz both applied with the TC Matchmaker knowing this would be a possibility. And thus begins the story of Steph and David’s date at Copperwing Distillery.

From our perspective, the date from the get-go was awkward. Both David and Steph walked in to Copperwing Distillery at the same time. David even held the door for Steph. Once they were in they both looked around for their dates. When TC Matchmaker walked up and told them they were each other’s dates we were met with a line so many TC Jewish singles have said: “We actually know each other.” Yup, both Steph and David had been camp counselors at Camp Teko in their youth.

Says David: “I assumed it was probable that I would know the person. Obviously, it’s not a big community and I’m relatively active.”

Said Stephanie: “There was the slimmest chance he’s not here to meet me. He’s Jewish, the weather was bad; it was almost impossible for him to be there on this night.”


I mean, the TC Matchmaker is trying really hard to make unique matches. And to be fair, this duo looked like they would be a match from the information they provided to us. This date is a great example of how commonalities don’t necessarily equal chemistry! But don’t despair: This date story is still a fun read, even if there isn’t a happily ever after.

We’ll start with the positives:

Both David and Stephanie have similar stories in that they grew up in the Twin Cities, were active as teens, moved away for college and work for many years, and both came back fairly recently; David last June, and Stephanie following her work on the Clinton campaign in the 2016 election.

Both had a good time reconnecting.

“I think it was a fine evening,” said David. “If it was someone you were more interested in dating maybe you would pursue something.”

Said Stephanie: “It was fine. I’m never going to say I wasn’t happy that I did it. I’m always looking for ways to put myself out there.”

The Negatives:

Both were disappointed that they knew each other. Neither came with away with any desire to have a second date with each other.

“David’s great. He’s a really nice guy. But I really want to meet someone new,” said Stephanie. “The thing is, I came in with the expectation that there are only so many people that live here and I know a lot of them. I knew there were chances knowing them were pretty high. It wasn’t a complete shock.”

Said David: “Knowing each other may not have been a deal breaker because people change, but I knew right away I wouldn’t pursue.”

Double Sigh.

Should our matchmaker form call for dating history and a list of all Jewish acquaintances? Should we just invest in a crystal ball? Don’t worry, we won’t quit. Yenta never gives up when it comes to Jewish love.


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