Not Your Typical Passover Menu

The countdown to Passover is ticking along as we clean our homes, clear our chametz and browse our recipe collection. Are you tired of the Eastern European traditions you grew up with? Do the customary brisket; the carrot mold and the avocado frog appetizer feel a little tired to you? Would you like to introduce some new flavors and textures this year?

How about some Middle Eastern delicacies for your Passover table?

Imagine a smoky and lemony eggplant dip paired with some Matzah crackers.

For dinner, you can set out a fluffy, golden Moroccan potato pie studded with vegetables. The star of the meal can be a platter of spiced meatballs in a pool of creamy tahini sauce. Add an Israeli chopped salad and you have a delicious and colorful feast that will nourish and wow your guests.

Of course, you’ll want to offer dessert as well! How about a creamy chocolate pie in a crispy golden coconut crust? Slice into wedges and serve with fresh mint tea and you’ll have a Middle Eastern Feast to be proud of!

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