TC Matchmaker: Mollie & Jordan

Scheduling Mollie and Jordan to meet was an adventure in itself. Yenta emails each person separately to plan and schedule the dates, and while she’s seen her share of busy schedules, these two take the cake. They were grinding away, whether it be work or holidays, business trips or plans with friends, they are busy people. After what felt like 40 years of wandering through the calendar puzzle desert, a date was set and no one backed out.

Mollie, who works in the restaurant industry as well as in food consulting, cannot be found anywhere on social media. When asked why she decided to apply for Matchmaker, Mollie said, “I love meeting new people and I really enjoy getting to know people that I have things in common with but I would necessarily run into every day.”

Jordan, a biomedical engineer, also has an interesting relationship with technology. “I got off of my Facebook account two months ago,” He said, “I felt like I was spending too much time on my phone.”

Most online dating apps connect with Facebook, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for Jordan. “I don’t use the dating apps at all” He said,  “So my dating comes from mostly from meeting people in real life.”

Mollie told Yenta that Jordan is not the type of guy she usually dates, as she tends to go out with people who don’t have their life together, but she said she and Jordan, “had a lot in common. We had a lot to share with each other.”

They discussed being Jewish in the Twin Cities, and their desire to meet other Jews.

Jordan said, “I enjoyed talking to Mollie, she’s cool.”

Mollie said, “We had chemistry in that there wasn’t an awkward moment.”

When asked if they were going to see each other again, the two seem to be on similar wavelengths:

Mollie said, “We’ve been texting a little bit, I feel like he’s a person I have things in common with, but we don’t have a romantic spark.”

Jordan said, “I enjoyed meeting Mollie. She’s really cool and I think we’d be good friends. We had a lot in common, but I don’t foresee us being a serious relationship.”

Yenta will take a new Jewish friendship as a win!

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