Herzl History Comes to Life

As Herzl Camp celebrates our 72nd year, we are creating a history exhibit for display at our Music in the City benefit concert in November.

This is where you come in!

Isn’t there camp regalia in that box in your basement? Didn’t you see a picture of Zadie on staff in 1962 tucked into an old yearbook? Did your mom just show you a brochure from your 7th grade year, laughing over the $165 tuition?

Our Herzl History Committee is seeking your camp treasures for inclusion in the exhibit. We can scan and return to you or add it to the catalog at the Jewish Historical Society.

(This is the time where you confess to that CandleSharing “borrowing” you did 20 years ago and contribute an amazing memento that everyone forgot about years ago! No questions will be asked…)

Of particular interest are t-shirts, yearbooks, photos, brochures, trunks, pennants, kippot, event programs, video or audio from any decade pre-2000s.

Our stellar committee includes Ron Zamansky and Rhonda Stein, Chairs; Aaron Gelperin, Lisa Heilicher, Bonnie Heller, Jen Kaplan, Shelley Kornblum, Myrna Orensten, Etta Fay Orkin, Linda Passon-McNally, Pennie Shapiro, Jeff Usem, Jerry Waldman… and YOU!

Join the team by contributing items or helping sort photos and identify people. Email [email protected] to get started.

Mark your calendar for November 3 at Herzl’s Music in the City.  The exhibit won’t be complete without your story!