6 Date Nights For While Your Kids Are at Camp

I may not have any kids, but I work with people who do and most of the time when I bring up a new restaurant/bar I’ve been to, they say they’ve been meaning to try it but, ya know, kids. Well, your window of opportunity has opened and in with the breeze has flown your culinary bucket list. The kids are gone, out of sight and out of mind, so go ahead, dip into their college fund for a couple nights.

1. Martina – This place has it all. The atmosphere, the food, the drinks, the HUGE parking lot! You spend all your time taking care of your children. Let Martina take care of you. From their incredible waitstaff to their hand-carved limes (yes, seriously!), Martina is the place to go to #treatyoselves

2. Bellecour – Owner Gavin Kaysen is basically keeping Minnesota on the foodie map. Chef Gavin is a James Beard Award winning chef, and for those of you that don’t know, James Beard Awards are the Oscars of the food world, so I’m basically saying Chef Gavin is our own Meryl Streep and who wouldn’t eat at Meryl Streep’s restaurant?


3. Young Joni – Make. These. Reservations. NOW! Getting a reservation for 2 is unbelievably more manageable than for 4, 5, or 6 so do it while the kids are GONE. Young Joni has been open for quite a while now, but it’s still one of the hottest dinner spots in town. While Pizzeria Lola may be a takeout staple for the family, Young Joni is Lola’s trendy sister that you only get to see every so often because she’s out traveling the world being cool and effortless. Regardless of how you choose to personify the restaurant, call in your reservations ASAP!

Young Joni

4. Marvel Bar – There are quite a few cool speakeasy bars in the Twin Cities, but Marvel is by far my favorite. Hidden under The Bachelor Farmer restaurant, Marvel can somehow turn a basic drink into the most perfect taste-bud experience. Like instead of an academic hipster bartender it was handed to you by your fairy godmother (imagine Whitney Houston from Cinderella but with a man bun).  Whether it’s where you are starting your night or ending it, be sure to stop in for at least one drink.

Marvel Bar

5. Revival – Two words – Stretchy pants (may I suggest these?). Seriously, come hungry and wear something comfortable because you’re going to want to try every dish this southern comfort restaurant has to offer. Don’t come here if you and your sweetie want to do a lot of talking though, because you’re going to be too busy stuffing your face with fried chicken for any conversation.  Bonus points to Revival because it’s in both Minneapolis AND Saint Paul, so no whiny river crossing excuses necessary.


6. Can Can Wonderland – What’s better than aartist-designed mini golf? Artist designed mini golf + booze! Meet up with other childless camp parents for a memorable night out. No need for that “everyone wins” BS when the kids aren’t there, loser buys the next round of boozie milkshakes!

Can Can Wonderland