Who The Folk?! Isaiah Breen

Minneapolis native Isaiah Breen was looking for a way to move back home from Washington, D.C., last year when he met Jewish Community Action Executive Director Carin Mrotz. Then the press secretary for Rep. Keith Ellison, Breen joined JCA as the communications director last fall and is passionate about the agency’s mission. Breen talks at length about what’s Jewish about community action, and how the organization will work with and lobby elected officials.

A brief editor’s note: I met with Breen several weeks ago, and while the conversation is largely evergreen, several incidents have taken place where JCA has been very vocal, including the police shooting of Thuman Blevins Jr., in North Minneapolis, and the marches and movement towards pushing the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement out of our communities. While we did talk about abolishing ICE, it was not in the context of the current immigration crisis on the border with Mexico.

That said, Breen talks passionately about a lot of things – including his very fun Twitter feed and Star Wars (which thanks to the power of editing, I’ve spared you much of) – on this week’s Who The Folk?! Podcast.

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