Shabbat Diaries: July 20, 2018

Name: Annie

Age: 21

Occupation: College Student Home for Summer

10 a.m. – I start my Shabbat off with waking up slowly and lying in bed. Because isn’t Shabbat all about resting and relaxation? That’s what I’m going to try to do this weekend. Rest and relax. However, since that is my goal this weekend, I thought I would start on some homework that is due tonight to make sure I get it done by Shabbat.

11 a.m. – I am grateful that this homework and my course is all online. It makes it easier for me to have my goal of rest and relaxation. I am able to sit or lie in bed while doing it all. This is one of the best things about taking summer courses online. I am also doing it in the dark for many reasons. (1) It helps save the electricity and (2) It helps keep me relax and restful.

Noon – I head downstairs to start my Friday. I decided it was time to start day two of watching the Bachelorette episode. It is a hard show to stop in the middle, but it is so good that it makes it worth it to wait. This all a part of my resting and relaxing aspect for Shabbat. I am also getting ready to head to lunch to meet my cousins. Family is another important aspect to me in regards to Shabbat — and life in general.

1 p.m. – Went to lunch at French Meadow Cafe & Bakery in Minneapolis with my cousins. It was one great way to relax and start my Shabbat off right. We hung out for a while after, too, for a nice long visit.

4 p.m. – I am heading home to make sure I am on time for my family’s Shabbat dinner. I also had to grab the Challah my mom made from scratch. It is a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. My (great) baubie, Anita, who I am named after is the one who started the recipe, then she taught my baubie who then taught my mom who also taught me. My mom used to do a four-braid challah, but then my aunt from my dad’s side taught my mom and me how to do a six-braid challah. It feels so special when you have both sides of the family helping out with the challah. It has been a family tradition for either my baubie, my mom, or I to make the family challah. When we are with my dad’s side of the family it is either my mom, my aunt, or me making the challah. It just feels so nice that we can come and work together on challah.

6:30 p.m. – Arrival time to the Shabbat dinner. It is at my grandparents (my dad’s parents) house this Shabbat. My grandma, papa, aunt, and uncle all sit down together at one table. We pass around the food and the challah. Everyone is very full by the end of the night because we were surrounded by great and delicious food. This is one way I enjoyed my relaxation time. I enjoy being with and spending time with family on Shabbat.

8 p.m. – My grandma, aunt, uncle and I start by playing the game of Rummikub. We love to play games together as one way to relax and enjoy Shabbat. We had a little tournament going. My aunt and uncle were both teaching my grandma and I how to play. Once we got the hang of it, we started making the game go by faster and faster each time. We all had fun, no matter who won, which was the best part. We had some laughs and some good times.

9 p.m. – My aunt and uncle went to go get my cousin who just landed at the airport. My other cousin was coming in a few hours later. I was so excited to be able to see both of them since it has been a while and I would not see them the next time they were in town because I will be at school. It was the cherry on top of the day to know they are coming in and that I will get to see them. It was just another way for us to enjoy this Shabbat and this weekend.

10 p.m. – I headed home at last from a very relaxing and enjoyable Shabbat. Unfortunately, as we all know, the fifth season is construction. I got stuck in a little bit of traffic. But I listened to some music that I love in order to continue that relaxation and restful vibe. I got home later than expected and headed straight to bed to relax some more. All in all, I have to say it was a peaceful and wonderful Shabbat with family.