TC Matchmaker: Julie & David

In a young adult obsessed Jewish world, sometimes we forget that it isn’t just Jewish 20s and 30s looking for love, activities, entertainment, and relatable content. Yenta knows that. That’s why TC Matchmaker isn’t just for the JSwipe crowd, but for anyone looking to make a Jewish love connection.

The best part about matching up Julie and David was that it was pretty easy. When filling out their matchmaker survey they were straight to the point about what they are looking for and who they are as people, this resulted in what appeared to be a very positive date!

“I’m looking for someone like [David]. You got it right and I really value and appreciate that,” said Julie. “He was an appropriate age, in a time in his life where he wanted to enjoy himself. His kids are adults and set, and he wanted to have fun. When you get to this age you can get lost, but he had a positive attitude and had lots of common sense.”

When talking about what he is looking for in someone, David said, “I like someone who can confer and have a discussion and be willing to disagree and learn from someone. I want an activity partner, willing to try things and go to a museum, and just head up to wherever, go to Duluth.”

At the end of the date, David told Yenta he gave Julie his card and said to call him if she’d like to go out again. When we last spoke David hadn’t heard from her. So what gives? Yenta had to know why this one didn’t work out, especially after they gave each other rave reviews.

“The chemistry just wasn’t there,” Julie said, “I’m looking for someone like that. Sometimes you just know though. It was a chemistry thing.”

David said, “[Julie] seemed really nice, but really has her hands full. She’s got her daughter and son-in-law, and grandchildren staying with her right now.”

They won’t be going out again, but both parties have no complaints about the date. In fact, Julie said, “The date made me motivated. Sometimes you give up, but this gave me hope. It was mentally good. I can do this again. Why not?”

Yenta couldn’t agree more. David said it best when asked why he has been married twice and still on the dating scene, he answered, “because it’s worth it.”

Fill out your Matchmaker form today. Because it’s worth it.