Who The Folk?! David Harris

Comedy is tragedy plus time,” says David Harris, who doesn’t like to call himself an artist (for fear of sounding pretentious), but nonetheless he is one. Behind a joke can stand hot air, or the catharsis of facing personal pain, and everything in between. For Harris, this is both the terrifying and fascinating part of the world he inhabits, one he brings to the stage with him. 

But once up there, it’s all for the laughs. And with a unique blend of stand up and magic, he gets ‘em. 

Like most art forms, like pottery or theatre, a look behind the curtain gives a deeper appreciation for the journey that Harris brings his audiences on. From the tragedy that inspires him and the conflict between his magic and stand up (one is about being secretive and the other about revealing), to the advice he has for young magicians and comedians today, we covered a lot of ground in this week’s podcast. 

And once you’ve listened, don’t forget to catch Harris on Sept. 7 and 8 as he headlines at the Royal Comedy Theater in Hopkins! 

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