Rabbis Speak Out Against Hate Speech

As rabbis in the Jewish community, we stand in solidarity with all those who have been targeted and attacked during this election cycle because of their religious affiliation, ethnicity, race, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Hate speech has no place in our civic discourse and while we are not endorsing any specific candidate, we call upon all those running for office to focus on the issues that will make Minnesota truly shine as the “the star of the north.”

Just as we condemn Anti-Semitism, we also stand together with our Muslim siblings in condemning Islamophobia in all its forms. Statements, insults, and blatant falsehoods that target Muslims, that demonize Muslims, that paint misleading pictures of Muslims, have no place in Minnesota politics.

Over the past 8 years, many members of our rabbinic community have met regularly with our imam colleagues to learn with and from each other. Although we differ in our faiths, we share the same commitment to building a Minnesota free of prejudice, a Minnesota that takes pride in its diversity, a Minnesota that evaluates candidates for political office based on their policies, principles, and their record, not on their religion or ethnicity.

In these weeks leading up to our state and national elections, we express our gratitude for the freedom we have as American citizens to participate in civic life. As Jews, we have a responsibility to engage in machloket l’shem Shamayim, in a sacred debate that seeks to repair and elevate the world that we all inhabit. As we engage in these debates, we do so with respect and care for our neighbors of all faiths and traditions. We look forward to joining together with our fellow Minnesotans on November 6th as we express our gratitude and responsibility to our state and country through the act of voting.


Rabbi Esther Adler, Rabbi Morris Allen, Rabbi Norman Cohen, Rabbi Jill Crimmings, Rabbi Alexander Davis, Rabbi Max Davis, Rabbi Shosh Dworsky, Rabbi Joseph Edelheit, Rabbi Sim Glaser, Rabbi Tamar Grimm, Rabbi Jennifer Hartman, Rabbi Hayim Herring, Rabbi Emma Kippley-Ogman, Rabbi Jason Klein, Rabbi Harold Kravitz, Rabbi Michael Adam Latz, Rabbi Arielle Lekach-Rosenberg, Rabbi Lynn Liberman, Rabbi David Locketz, Rabbi Cathy Nemiroff. Rabbi Avi Olitzky, Rabbi Debra Rappaport, Rabbi Shalom Reznik-Bell, Rabbi David Steinberg, Rabbi Sharon Stiefel, Rabbi Suzy Stone, Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker, Rabbi David Thomas, Rabbi Aaron Weininger, Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman