TC Jewfolk’s Most-Read In 2018

This year has gone on for so long that when we relaunched TC Jewfolk, it was still only this year. But that relaunch kicked off a big year.

Sure, a lot of what we do is online, but we’ve done more in real life events in 2018, and we’re looking for more opportunities in 2019. But, we’re always looking to cover the most important news stories in the Twin Cities.

In case you missed them, these are the most read stories on TC Jewfolk in 2018.

January: Kosher, Vegetarian Pizza Place Coming Soon To SLP

February: My Mid-30’s Identity Crisis

March: Anti-Semitic Flyers Found On U Campus, Removed

April: MPD Arrests 4 Protesters Outside Of JCRC Office

May: Outside My Bubble

June: David Hicks’ Journey To Judaism

July: Jew Review: Meyvn Opens With A Bang

August: Minneapolis Rabbi Charged In Online Sex Sting

September: Who The Folk?! Dan Schlissel

October: Generous Gift Transforms Herzl Camp’s Waterfront for 2019

November: With Election Now Over, Ilhan Omar Voices BDS Support

December: Andrew Zimmern’s Controversy is Our Opportunity

Thanks for reading, donating, commenting, and being a part of our community this year. It couldn’t have happened without you.