Mall Of America’s Kashrut Boom

In 2018 the Mall of America got its first ever Kosher certified restaurant, Earth Burger. Located in the food court (below the movie theaters), Earth Burger is the first national vegan fast-food chain. It carries a Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc) Kosher certification and serves two different veggie burgers, BBQ jackfruit, Chik’n tenders and a variety of vegan eats. Its appearance in the Mall of America has brought kosher and vegan eaters the opportunity to dine differently while grabbing leggings from Lululemon, visiting Paw Patrol Playground or emptying out what remains of Sears.

But the Mall of America Kosher scene does not just host Earth Burger, in fact its first Kosher establishment opened in 2017. Dough Dough is exactly what it sounds like, a healthy (or maybe unhealthy) scoop of cookie dough. Dough Dough’s 3rd level location is the brick and mortar to their food truck and cart. They will also be hosting a popup as part of Crossriver Kosherfest on Jan. 27 at Keg and Case Market.

Recently, the national chain Cinnabon became certified at MoA. “Cinnabon bakeries have built a reputation for serving fresh, aromatic cinnamon rolls made with premium Indonesian cinnamon and topped with a sweet, rich, cream cheese-based frosting. Delicious!” As someone who has already eaten there since its Hechsher, I approve of their amazing self-description. Both Cinnabon and Dough Dough are cRc Kosher.

Lastly, right around the corner from Earth Burger is Freshens Yogurt which is certified by the Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis (what are they doing in Minnesota?). Their yogurts are worth the try. Of course, much of the food popping up at the Mall of America are desserts. Lindt Chocolate has a store and the vast majority of their products carry a Hechsher. Starbucks has Kosher products as well (checkout for more details). Now there is a Walgreens for noshing.

So, is the Mall of America expanding its Kosher options? Well, that is a better question for the Ghermezian family. However, there are more possibilities. Doc Popcorn has a partial kosher establishment in Colorado, the Great American Cookie dough raw is OU certified, and Jamba Juice is introducing Jamba snacks which will carry a Hechsher. There could be a wave of Jews in the TC that help Macarons by Maddie Lu and Minneawaffolis turn Kosher. The key is the demand. Kashrut is something that is clearly booming in the TC. Events are providing education and excitement. Rabbis across the spectrum are getting involved in a variety of ways. And of course, the people are seeing the Jewish value in keeping kosher. The Mall of America is a great place to enjoy indoor activities and now those keeping kosher do not have to pack a lunch. Keep it up TC Jews! Who knows maybe soon the whole mall will be Kosher – Bubba Gump Kosher Shrimp!