Watch: Minnetonka Student’s Anti-Semitic Rap Surfaces

An anti-Semitic video has surfaced of a male who is, district parents have confirmed, one of the Minnetonka High School students at the center of last week’s anti-Semitic dance proposal. The video was being circulated in Minnetonka Public Schools parents’ group on Facebook, and it originated from the Instagram account where an apology was posted for the proposal.

The 10-second long video, which was posted to Instagram on Jan. 9, started making the rounds on social media Sunday evening. It features him “rapping” in German-accented English about Jews being murdered in concentration camps.

A Nazi-themed Sweetheart’s Dance proposal was posted on a Minnetonka High School senior’s Finstagram page last Thursday. That account directed users to a different private account, with a bio that read: “I apologize for my stupid mistake. There was no intent to offend anyone. Dm me if you would like to discuss anything.”

That Instagram account is the same where the video was posted; it now points to a page that says ” The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.”

After last week’s incident, Jacqui Getty, the school district’s communications director, said that the district “We won’t be naming the students or identifying them by age or grade. Neither can we, due to privacy laws, share their consequences.”

TC Jewfolk has independently confirmed the names of both students and that both are seniors, but not their ages. As they may be under 18, TC Jewfolk won’t be naming them at this time.

The girl in the photo that began the controversy has since deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

MHS Principal Jeff Erickson said that the district is committed to ensuring a safe, positive environment for all students.

“Our foundation as a school community is built on respect, kindness and consideration to others. Our work in this area is ongoing, and it is one of our highest priorities,” he said. “As a greater school community, I ask that you continue the dialogue around these core values. As a school, we will do so, as well.”