Letter To The Editor: On St. Paul Federation

To The Editor:

We, Rhoda and Don Mains, read with some sadness Lonny Goldsmith’s Feb. 6 article about the St. Paul Jewish Federation.

We have been actively involved with the Federation and its beneficiary agencies for many, many, years. Don recalls soliciting campaign gifts in 1948, with the birth of the State of Israel, and has been at it ever since. Rhoda, a comparative newcomer, became involved in the mid-1950s. We have both been Campaign chairs and Presidents of the Federation, we have served on committees and as officers of many agencies, we have been involved with Capital Campaigns, and as co-chairs of St. Paul Sholom Capital Campaign. We have been significant financial supporters of the Federation and community agencies – including Jewfolk Inc.

Now in our “golden years” we are less active and have not been on the Federation Board for over twenty years. Yet, as Rick Linsk is quoted “the decision was made to meet with a lot of our major donors”, and we became aware of the situation.

With all of this as background, and without going into detail, we have these observations:

  • Paul has a wonderful Jewish community. We have been privileged to have known and worked with outstanding community and professional leaders. All have contributed so much to our community.
  • We must recognize that for several years Federation annual campaigns have fallen fall short of what is needed to support our local agencies, programs in Israel, and Jews throughout the world.

“We hope that all in our community recognize that gifts to the Federation are vital so that it can maintain this support. The need is so great.

It is our fervent hope that the St Paul Jewish community can remain strong and vibrant in the future, long after we are gone.

Rhoda and Don Mains